Host family tips

Having a job as an au pair includes two parties more than almost any other job in the world. On the one hand, there’s the au pair travelling and living in a foreign country and on the other, there is the host family, who is supposed to welcome with open arms a foreign young lady meant to take care of the children.

At the beginning, both parties can find themselves in slightly uncomfortable situations, that’s why we offer a few tips for the host families who are confused about how to deal with the house and with the new au pair, while continuing to live their lives in a normal way.

Discuss everything with the au pair from the very beginning. Tell her all the rules of the house and give her instructions on the household appliances, as well as on emergency situations and housework. She should be aware of your requirements, so that she can comply with them.

Furthermore, focus on her job. Make sure she understands what you expect of her and talk about privacy and curfew. Take into account that your au pair may have a hard time dealing with a new culture and a new language, so be patient with her. Also give her the opportunity to ask questions and avoid dominating the conversation.



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